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Mugs are not just Coffee or Tea! – Other ways to use your mugs

There are a zillion and one ways to use your mugs…even if you do not particularly enjoy coffee or tea or you think you are already have enough mugs…because with Everything Beautiful’s unique mugs, it can never be enough, you will always want more 🙂 Let’s get right into it, shall we?

1. Candy/Sweet dispenser – fill it up with candy/sweet and let it be your go to place whenever you want some candies. You can also fill it with sweets, chocolates and candies and gift it to a friend with sweet tooth. That way, you are not only gifting them with a lasting mug, they will also get edibles! other ways to use mugs besides coffee and tea other ways to use mugs besides coffee and tea other ways to use mugs besides coffee and tea


2. Make up brush/Pencil holder –You Can store your makeup brushes, pencils and even lipsticks in cute little mugs. They make a perfect fit! You can easily see the brush or pencil you would like to use at any point making it easy to access.

mug as make up storage mug as make up storage


3. Motivator/Affirmations/Inspiration – You can put whatever sayings or words you would like to see every other day and you can affirm it whenever you see it or it can serve as a way to motivate or inspire you every day. Most of our mugs serve this purpose

mugs for affirmation

4. Soup /ice cream bowl – Yup, you can use your mug as a soup bowl or for that hot pepper soup! We even have a mug on the website that comes with a spoon! Winning

5. Picture aesthetics – You might one of those people that do not like tea or coffee but you can easily include your cute mugs to add an extra effect to your pictures especially for bloggers, youtubers and business owners. You can advertise your blog or business by personalizing your name on it and using it for your pictures. It will look really nice, trust me!

6. Bathroom organisers – You can use a mug to store your soap, sponge and other bathroom stuff. If you share bathrooms, you can easily distinguish your toiletries to avoid mix ups. Just insert your essentials in it and it is good to use!


7. As a conversation starter – Do you find it difficult to make conversations or do you want to get your office crush to notice you? Then you can do it with a mug! You can get one of our expressive or funny mugs.

8.  As a measuring cup – You can put your old mugs to use by using it to measure food stuff or anything really! Who says you must use those derica cup measurements when you’ve got your cute mugs, haha! You can also use it for your DIY projects to draw a circles or square depending on the shape of the mug.


9.  Desk organizers – tidy desk is equal to tidy mind. You can put all your pens, pencils, pins etc in a mug rather than having it scattered all over. It is a perfect way to keep your desk tidy and neat


10.  Gift holders – This Is almost like number one but it is more than just edibles! You can use your gift box as kinda gift box to put different presents like lip balm, compact mirror or anything that can fit into the mug. Wrap it up and your gifts will stand out!


I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. What other ways can you use your mug? I will love to hear from you.